Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd., Waluj
29th December 2017 and 29th July 2018

Our first CSR client, Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd. commissioned this forest on their industrial land, to build a green space for their employees as well as the ecology of their compound.

29th December 2016

This plantation at Bandi Jai Ban, Satara is an example of Personal Social Responsibility from a client who wanted to increase the tree count on his farm, and reduce his family’s carbon footprint.

Canpack India Pvt. Ltd.
1 September 2018

Ecosattva planted and maintained a Miyawaki Native forest for CANPACK, an MNC headquartered in Aurangabad under their CSR initiative. This plantation has inspired CANPACK to pledge many more plantations in the future.

Marathwada Institute of Technology
19th February 2019

This Miyawaki Native Forest is very unique as students participating in the CARPE CAMPUS CLUB, were trained on the Miyawaki Method of Native forest plantation , the whole project was implemented with the support of CSR partner and EcoSattva was the technical expert.

Public Health Center, Verul
29th March 2019

EcoSattva won the Maharashtra State Innovation Society’s Start-up Award 2018. The award was to plant a Miyawaki Native Forest at the Public Health Center at Ellora,the village where the World Heritage Site is situated.

Office of the Commissioner of Police, Aurangabad
7th June 2019

As an example of Public Private Partnership, the Commissioner of Police, Aurangabad, and a CSR partner commissioned EcoSattva to plant this Miyawaki Native Forest at the Commissioner of Police Office.