Green Cover Management

We provide eco-sensible solutions for green cover management. We believe that nature has the most efficient and robust systems and designs. Our role is to understand and incorporate them in man-made environments.

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Green Aurangabad Mission

We are dedicated to designing and implementing research driven solutions to civic and environmental challenges. Green Aurangabad Mission is one such attempt to strategically address the challenge to grow and sustain green cover in urban environments that have more competing claims on land. Green Aurangabad Mission is a well researched and strategically developed one of its kind response to the continuously degrading ecology and landscape in and around Aurangabad. It is a strategic approach that optimizes current resources, sets appropriate targets and takes into account the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders, and the impact on the natural ecology of the region is necessary.

Green Aurangabad Mission Report aims at provisioning insights to stakeholders interested in developing their CSR/ execution strategies in this sector.

Sustainable Development Goals

We strive to align our work to the Sustainable Development Goals drafted set by the United Nations

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