Ecological Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage contains 99% of water and rest of 1% has suspended solids, bacteria etc. If we treat this 1%, we can use this treated water for gardening and other purposes.

The Ecologic Sewage Treatment Plants (EcoSTPS) built by us offer a sustainable solution which also have a positive environmental impact. Nature has robust technology to treat waste water. In the treatment plants, we create an ecological system which speeds up natural treatment process by using enzymes, plants, microorganisms and sunlight. It has zero power consumption and has no maintenance cost.


Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd, Aurangabad

One of our first and smallest Ecological STPs, retrofitted to the septic tanks of the building, the water from this EcoSTP has supported the greening of the GM campus and growing and nurturing over 55 trees.

Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd, Waluj

The treated water from this 10KLD EcoSTP supports a 10,000 sqft. Miyawaki Native dense forest and a 9000 sqft. EcoScape on campus. The EcoSTP is flanked by a garden, making it a recreational space for the employees of GM.

Osborn EcoSTP

This EcoSTP was retrofitted to the Osborne Building to fit in an extremely narrow space crunch. Yet, it provides daily treated water for the garden and Miyawaki forest that grow well with the mineral-rich water.